so i just got back from the vet, which i couldnt have gone to at all if i werent sponsored by my best friends (i have 8$ in my bank acct) and they want 1400$ just to tell me what is wrong with my kitty (zuzu)
when i started crying he said he could pare it down to 800$

id normally never do this but if anyone wants to donate to help
really youd be helping a sweet kitty to not die. please. she hasnt eaten in days. they gave her fluids and an anti-nausea shot and she still isnt eating. if she keeps on not eating she will definitely die, whatever else is wrong with her.
im sorry i dont even really know what im saying. my paypal is and signal boosts are appreciated and important. its october 15

if i can get just a few more donations i can afford to get her bloodwork and xrays……i am taking her to the vet right now.  please if you can spare anything it would be deeply appreciated.

thanks again to everyone who has donated already

badass hyena girl idk what her name is. paris hilton. 
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anima crossin D:

UGHHHH i wanna do a comic where i have magical powers and hella animal companions but its such a cockstroke thing to do plus im terrible at writing why is this my life. i wish i was cool and funny like greg or rory and write clever storylines all the time with their dynamic shit gdmnmf. 

its days like this whenimlike….maybe i could have gone to college maybe i wouldnt be so directionless and overwhelmed.  and useless. lame. and ugly. lol. 

the only thing im good at is vandalism and im not even that good at it haha

sorry i’ll add a tag for blocking, i never do this but i just needed to vent for a second aahh…..i have too many awesome friends who are good at art and sometimes its easy to get discouraged!!! 

that weird feeling of being discouraged yet fully inspired at the same time


Jessica’s sick new bladerunner tattoo
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okay i know i said i wasnt bout that life but i obtained a twitter @thug_murder i promise i wont read your tweets 


by ice-grave


by pomtea   smh
altho i guess the former is also true
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follow 4 more soft ghetto
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nimbusdome asked:
are you on twitter?

nawwww, haha.  no one would want to read that im sure it would be very depressing 

the first two drawings i ever did of my character bisabolol, and a ref sketch i did more recently. 

(the first two idk 2009?? the other im not sure, i definitely lived in chicago tho)


out of control amazing garfield stick and poke on my arm by hilary

garfield was the first thing i learned to draw. 
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ducklingking asked:
I love your art! I was wondering what you use to ink and color your drawings. Also any tips for someone who wants to advance their skills in art?

THANKS!!! and

life drawing. seriously.  it sounds so lame but you will be goddamn amazed at how fast you improve just by practicing to draw things from life. you can take classes or you can just ask people to sit still for awhile! i do this whenever i get bummed abt my art

as for supplies i really use a ton of things you would have to be more specific im sorry :C

haha oh its a mess
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one of my first stickers, i used to ‘laminate’ them w tape haha
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Canvas  by  andbamnan